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January 20th 2015

Two IMP-books published as “Routledge Revivals”!
“A fantastic opportunity for you to discover past brilliance and purchase previously out of print and unavailable titles by some of the world’s most eminent academic scholars.” This is how Routledge’s present the “Routledge Revivals” series, in which two IMP books are published:
Industrial Technological Development: A Network Approach, edited by Håkan Håkansson, was first published in 1987, and Håkan Håkansson’s Corporate Technological Behaviour: Co-operation and Networks, was first published in 1989.
In Industrial Technological Development the basic principles of innovation and the role of supplier and customer relationships are discussed, and several case studies on this theme is presented. In Corporate Technological Behaviour: Co-operation and Networks, the theoretical discussion on innovation is illustrated with a detailed study of technological development in interaction among companies and organizations.

January 19th 2015

IMP Asia

In between two ordinary IMP conferences; the 30th (!) nicely organized in Bordeaux 2014 and the 31st upcoming conference in Kolding, Denmark, the sixth IMP Asia meeting was held at Sanur, Bali, Indonesia December 7-10 2014.

Just a short look at the list of participants of the latter indicates that the interest in the interactive features of the business landscape is widespread: The about 55 participating researchers represented 35 universities and business schools from 15 countries; from New Zeeland, Australia, Japan and Thailand in east over to the US and Canada in west. The geographical spread was also reflected in the variety of presented empirical issues. And the conference location and facilities was just great. Thanks to the work put in by the organizers Fawaz Baddar Althusan and Chavi Fletcher-Chen. And in the background everything was carefully followed up by all ours Peter Batt. In two years time IMP Asia will probably become IMP Africa! When planning your agenda for 2016, remember Capetown in December!

January 14th 2015

is the theme for the first workshop in 2015 to be held in Manchester 21-23 of April.
The deadline for submissions is January the 15th. If you are interested but need some extra time, please, contact us on
Hakan and Ivan

December 4th 2014

The International Center for Innovation and Business Researcht (ICIBR) at Hunan University in Changsha, China will host the 20th CBIM Academic Workshop on June 28th and 29th, 2015. The theme will be “Analytics, Intelligence and Planning in the B2B Environment.” The CBIM Workshop welcomes academics, professionals and doctoral students from around the world to a rigorous, candid, but friendly discussion of current topics in B2B marketing. It is truly an international workshop. Please join us in Changsha, China in 2015

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October 25th 2014


Malcolm Cunningham died peacefully on October 22nd in a hospice near his home in Manchester. He had just achieved his 87th birthday.

Malcolm joined the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology as a Lecturer after a distinguished career in business. He rose to become Professor of Marketing and Head of Department.

Malcolm led the field with his earliest research into the determinants of choice of supplier for industrial goods, with John White, published in 1973 and on source loyalty in the purchase of transport services, with Keith Kettlewood in 1976. His insights into the nature of the business landscape provided inspiration for the later work of the IMP Group of which he was a Founder Member.
But the contributions of Malcolm cannot be adequately described in a list of appointments held or papers published, although his achievements were great and his publications were many. Malcolm was a friend to an untold number of colleagues and students. Many of those who gather at IMP conferences have stories of the careful advice they have received from him and the journeys he has made to help them. Many of us have benefitted from his wisdom even when he said things that we would have preferred not to hear. But always we have gained from his honesty and been able to smile at his self-deprecating sense of humour.
Malcolm retired from active research many years ago and devoted himself to a wide range of charitable works. But until he was no-longer able to travel, he was to be found at IMP Conferences, still contributing to discussion, still challenging and still bringing his enormous sense of fun.

Malcolm’s final publication appeared in the IMP journal in 2008, based on his own empirical research, entitled:

“Pictures at an Exhibition of Business Markets: Is There A Case For Competition?”

It was a broad and challenging work, based in part on his empirical research in the packaging industry. In the paper Malcolm pointed to the danger of IMP researchers becoming inward-looking. But Malcolm was never negative. In the paper he also encourages us go on to great things by quoting the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak:

"To have a good idea is nothing remarkable;
but to carry out an idea and make
something great of it, that is the most
difficult thing. That is, in fact, Art"

Perhaps thinking about this quotation provides a good way for us to remember a great man.

Malcolm’s funeral will take place at Bramhall Baptist Church in Manchester on Monday 3rd November at 14.00. It is open to all. Please email if you are planning to attend.

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