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Paper info: Network Capabilities in Collaborative Innovation Networks


Network Capabilities in Collaborative Innovation Networks


Fábio Rogério de Morais and Juliana Bonomi Santos de Campos

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The paper was published at the 34th IMP-conference in Marseille, France in 2018.


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This study addressed the necessary network capabilities for collaborative innovation networks. To do this, we discussed the theory of network capabilities and analyzed empirical data regarding two networks of collaborative innovation. Empirical research showed that the focal (hub) company in the collaborative innovation network needs the ability to begin, use and keep, develop, and terminate networks, as proposed by the current theory of network capabilities. In addition, it needs capacities of planning and of network responsiveness. Our findings suggest that hub firms must have network capabilities in five dimensions: planning, beginning, using and keeping, network development and responsiveness (amplitude), at three levels of action - processes, activities and routines (depth). Therefore, we contribute to the theory of network capabilities by increasing the understanding of the required network capacities for hub companies in collaborative innovation networks.