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Paper info: Value Co-Creation in a Closed Business Service Triad: From a Dialogic to a Tri-logic Process


Value Co-Creation in a Closed Business Service Triad: From a Dialogic to a Tri-logic Process


Manchester Business School
United Kingdom
XIA ZHU and Chavi C-Y Fletcher-Chen

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 32nd IMP-conference in Cape Town in 2016.


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It is crucial to understand value creation processes in business-to-business markets. However, the value creation/co-creation process among the triads in business networks remains unclear. Researchers are called to investigate the complexity of value co-creation among multiple stakeholders in business networks. This study investigates value co-creation amongst supplier, distributor and customer in business service networks. More specifically, how do multiple stakeholders participate in value co-creation, and how actors may benefit from value co-creation in a closed triad, and in what way? This study has employed a case study approach and obtained triadic data from supplier, distributor and customer from an Information Technology business service network. The findings illustrate the complexity of service interactions in value co-creation among triads. It extends the dialogic co-creation process into a wider network perspective, drawing attention to the direct and/or indirect engagement of a third party in the network which forms a tri-logic process in value creation/co-creation in a business network. The findings highlight distributor’s contribution to facilitating and enabling the direct interactions and value co-creation between supplier and customer in business networks. This study alerts organisations of the danger of a myopic view of focusing on direct actors and direct value outcomes