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Paper info: Redefining buyer-seller relationships for the blockchain era


Redefining buyer-seller relationships for the blockchain era


Suresh C. Sood and
Hugh Pattinson
University of Western Sydney
Hugh Pattinson

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The paper was published at the 34th IMP-conference in Sri Lanka in 2018.


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Blockchain technology is disrupting B2B marketing and sales activities. This paper outlines a case study based on a participant observation of a B2B organisation (TS) making extensive use of marketing automation (martech) and selling software to enterprise organisations. A 2020 scenario for TS streamlines business practice using blockchain technology infrastructure with Ricardian contracts and effectively generates a B2B “trustless” Internet. Beyond 2020 the blockchain implications suggest simplification of B2B interactions through no longer requiring the B2B salesforce and the creation of a human free environment beyond sales and including the automation of legal contract service. This paper opens a hitherto nascent stream of research and dialogue amongst marketing academics and practitioners on the emerging blockchain technology as part of a rich description of B2B activities in 2020 and beyond with significant implications for the future of autonomous (minimal human interaction) B2B sales and marketing.