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Paper info: Social emergence of industrial networks


Social emergence of industrial networks


Marcus Vanharanta and Phoebe Wong

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The paper was published at the 33rd IMP-conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017.


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In this manuscript, we develop a model of emergence for industrial marketing research, called the network emergence model (NEM). Using nine separate levels (or strata) of emergence, NEM seeks to provide a conceptual framework explaining how industrial networks emerge from lower level activities, and how lower-level activities are enabled and constrained by higher levels (also known as downward causation). Unlike models borrowed from the field of sociology, the NEM is specifically designed for the purposes of IMP Group research. NEM includes key levels of analysis used in IMP research, including firms, dyadic relationships, focal networks and relationship portfolios, and the global business network. In addition, the proposed NEM includes a potential micro-foundation for industrial marketing research. This research builds upon the social realist research tradition in IMP Group research, making it compatible with the critical realist ontology.