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Paper info: Customer experience in business-to-business relationships


Customer experience in business-to-business relationships


Nor Farina Binti Israel, Jamie Burton and
Judy Zolkiewski
Manchester Business School
United Kingdom
Judy Zolkiewski

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 33rd IMP-conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017.


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Customer experience is attracting increasing attention particularly with a focus on services in consumer markets. Customer experience in a business-to-business context attracts less attention and when it does the focus is generally on customers creating experience rather than the inter-play of both employees and customers creating the experience. The study addresses the potential impact of customer experience in touch points, utilising the employee’s and customer’s experience and the collection of experience in terms of interaction and networking from a direct participation in events. We used a single case study approach to investigate relationship dynamics impacting and surrounding customer experience in a business-to-business services context. The actors involved include internal and external customers and span both the internal and external network. Some 65 interviews, 4 focus groups, participant observation and secondary data have been collected in the telecommunications industry in Malaysia. The research provides a greater understanding of the impact from the touch points, single or multiple, on customer experience in business relationships.