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Paper info: Business model innovation through service infusion


Business model innovation through service infusion


Daniel Kindström and
Christian Kowalkowski
Linköping Institue of Technology
Christian Kowalkowski

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 32nd IMP-conference in Poznan, Poland in 2016.


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A service transition can take place in multiple dimensions and through multiple processes. In this article, this multiplicity is conceptualized into three distinct business model innovation patterns. They correspond to general service infusion trajectories in the literature but provide more detail as to the different processes. By outlining these specific processes, this article primarily makes three contributions. First, it discusses service infusion from an extended multidimensional perspective providing, among other things, a more in-depth understanding of the different service infusion trajectories. Second, it forwards a typology and three distinct business model innovation processes. Finally, by linking the service infusion to the business model innovation concept also managerial insights are generated as to how to understand the different trajectories, their key components and what the guiding principles that drive the particular changes are. Connected to this is also the business model innovation pattern concept, which opens up new avenues for further research regarding how to understand service infusion processes on both firm and industry level.