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Paper info: Dark side of network embeddedness on the example of tourist region in Poland


Dark side of network embeddedness on the example of tourist region in Poland


Katarzyna Czernek and Maciej Mitr?ga

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 32nd IMP-conference in Poznan, Poland in 2016.


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The aim of the paper is to identify dark sides of network embeddedness in tourist industry and to explain how those negative aspects of network embeddedness can influence network cooperation. We combine insights from various fragmented studies on network dark side and propose the dark side typology that includes five main negative results of network embeddedness, namely: opportunity costs, dominance of interpersonal obligations, domino effect, interpersonal tensions and opportunistic behaviour. This typology constitutes a conceptual framework for our empirical analysis allowing us to add one additional negative result network inertia in terms of decision making. The qualitative research was conducted in two stages (in years: 2008-2010 and 2013-2014) and was focused on five tourist network structures located in the south of Poland. Altogether it comprised 114 interviews conducted with various business actors operating in the research region and usually being members of at least one of the analysed network structures1. We discuss our empirical findings with current body of literature on relationship dark side and formulate some ideas with regard to how managers of tourist companies can manage network dark side.