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Paper info: Goal heterogenity in an inter-organisational project


Goal heterogenity in an inter-organisational project


Frida Lind
Chalmers University of Technology
Frida Lind

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 28th IMP-conference in Rome, Italy in 2012.


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This paper analyses the role of goals for resource development in an inter-organisational project. The theoretical framework is centred on resources and actors of the Activity-Resource-Actor (ARA) framework of the Industrial Network Approach and in particular the Resource-Actor intersection. The point of departure is taken in the project management literature arguing that one single project goal should be formulated in the beginning and kept all the way through projects. By using an in-depth case study of an inter-organisational research project, an opposite picture with regard to goals is shown. This particular case shows a multiplicity of goals. This project has two different, but connected and parallel, goals and the members relate differently to the two project goals. In addition the members have their individual goals with participating in the project, which at times become developed during the project. With basis in the resource heterogeneity assumption, the paper ends with suggesting goal heterogeneity of actors as a facilitator of resource development in inter-organisational research collaborations. It is for future studies to explore goal heterogeneity further.