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Paper info: The role of Trust in the B2B Cooperation of the Hungarian Banking Association


The role of Trust in the B2B Cooperation of the Hungarian Banking Association


Judit Simon
Corvinus University Budapest
Judit Simon ,
Tibor MANDJAK and
Zsofia Toth
Manchester Business School
United Kingdom
Zsofia Toth

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 27th IMP-conference in Glasgow, Scotland in 2011.


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The aim of the study is to discover how the role and influence of the Hungarian Banking
Association (HBA) have changed in the years of the global financial and economic crisis and
what the role and the characteristics of trust are in the cooperation among the partners
according to the representatives of the HBA and concerned bank managers.
The main question the study addresses is what the main characteristics of the business
relationships and the cooperation among competitors are in case of the Hungarian Banking
Association. This examination of the B2B relationships has some special aspects. Although
directly there are no real transactions (exchange of products or services) in the HBA, to put it
in the frames of the IMP Interaction Model (Håkansson, 1982), as a forum for social exchange
and information exchange, it has a great influence on the adaption of new business models
and potentially also on intra-sectoral cooperation. In order to understand more thoroughly the
operation of the Hungarian Banking Association, the evolution of its activities and licences
are also presented.
Keywords: banking, advocacy in banking, trust research