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Paper info: Creating value among business: Service's perspective contributions


Creating value among business: Service's perspective contributions


Faculdade Metropolitana da Grande Fortaleza

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The paper was published at the 25th IMP-conference in Marseille, France in 2009.


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 This paper discusses the role of service on the value creation process in business networks. We consider that suppliers need to be service providers in order to create value for themselves and for other firms in a net. According to the service-centred logic, services can be understood as processes for value co-creation by resources interactions among parts in business relationships. Studies have been developed to understand how the concepts of services are related within the business marketing field. Nevertheless, Jacob and Ulaga (2008) emphasize that marketing strategy development and implementation to promote the transition from goods to services in B2B markets is still unclear. The paper contributes for this discussion. The interaction and the network approaches of IMP group are discussed and the literature on Business Models is presented as a way to the understanding of how firms can fit strategic, operational and economical decisions, allowing the creation of value. Then, we discuss how goods and services are bonded in industrial systems in order to allow the co-creation of value among business. We review this literature and we suggest further research about how firms can develop business models based on services to co-create value in networks.