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Paper info: Separating the birds and the bees - the co-evolution of network dynamics


Separating the birds and the bees - the co-evolution of network dynamics


JulietteJ L Wilson and
Niki Hynes
Curtin University of Technology Western Australia
Niki Hynes

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 25th IMP-conference in Marseille, France in 2009.



The findings reported here are part of a wider research enquiry exploring processes of strategic alliance formation and determinants and measures of successful relationships. The research examines the application of the co-evolution literature to strategic alliance formation in SME's in the UK and Australia in two differing industries. Extending the framework developed by Das and Teng (2002), it engages with wider industry and environmental characteristics present in these two countries, specifically examining whether different theories are better suited to different stages of an industry life cycle. The issues discussed above are explored and developed through the use of a qualitative case study approach.Findings indicate strong resource-based drivers for alliance formation in both industries, with firms dependent on the co-evolution of their alliances and indeed selected by the results of their alliance participation.However, differences emerged in the strategic use of alliances in these two industries.The influence of the stage of the industry life cycle on this is discussed.