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Paper info: Network Creativity and Place Marketing


Network Creativity and Place Marketing


Gaetano Aiello, Raffaele Donvito and Silvia Ranfagni

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The paper was published at the 25th IMP-conference in Marseille, France in 2009.



The purpose of this paper is to outline the features of network creativity within place marketing approach. Empirically the paper presents a preliminary verification of the theoretical hypotheses through an analysis of the Florentine area.The paper analyzes network creativity which is composed by relationships between businesses which are based on an exchange of knowledge, are highly dynamic (open to change), and follow a co-evolutionary network path (constantly in co-evolution). The authors propose to study networks creativity in a reticular place marketing perspective in which territory cannot be understood as an entity in itself, but must be interpreted as a reticular space consisting of nodes, and local and extra-local links. The paper finally aim to identify an analytical approach for networks creativity rooted within territories. The study will focus on territories distinguished by the presence of production systems for goods with a high symbolic value (Florence territory case). The methodology we are going to use is mainly based on qualitative tools such as in-depth interviews with opinion leaders of the territory and semi-structured protocol with indirect qualitative tests.