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Paper info: The formation of identities in customer-supplier relationships


The formation of identities in customer-supplier relationships


Antonella La Rocca
Antonella La Rocca and
Ivan Snehota
University of Lugano
Ivan Snehota

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.


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The issue dealt with in this work-in-progress paper is the mutual attribution of identity in customer-supplier interaction in business networks. It departs from the assumption in the IMP stream of research that interaction outcomes are central to the formation of relationships. More specifically we explore the role of interaction in the formation of identity of the interacting parties and the impact of identities on the interaction process and the consequent customer-supplier relationship development as discussed in the literature on interaction and identity and outline a future empirical study of the impact of identity attribution.