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Paper info: Towards a Dynamic Concept of Alliance Capability


Towards a Dynamic Concept of Alliance Capability


Kim Sluyts, Paul Matthyssens and Rudy Martens

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The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.


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This paper has a threefold purpose. First, we offer a literature review on alliancecapability, which integrates strategic management literature and IMP literature. Sec-ond, we extend existing literature on alliance capability by breaking this concept downinto five sub capabilities, which are each linked to a stage of the alliance life cycle.Finally, we suggest a number of ways firms can support these capabilities by recom-mending structural, technological and people-related tools, techniques and solutions.We argue that current literature has focused mainly on organization-wide characteris-tics, the general alliance function and alliance experience to explain the level of alliancecapability. Although we acknowledge the importance of these elements, we stress thatmore attention needs to be given to the various stage-specific components, tasks andsupportive mechanisms that can lead to improved alliance capability.