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Paper info: The influence of power on the depth of collaboration


The influence of power on the depth of collaboration


Anni-Kaisa Ahtonen

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The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.


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The study analyzes the influence of power on the depth of collaboration by concentrating on the power relations and collaborative relationships between buyers and suppliers. In the present business environment companies form collaborative relationships and networks, and a critical issue for all the networks is their capability to create value. This study utilizes the value net approach and combines it with the literature on power relations. The aim here is to analyze how power influences the depth of collaboration in the value net context. The case study focuses on power relations and collaboration in the Finnish food industry. The results of the study indicate that the power positions and the roles have an influence on the relationships which are established in value nets. The study shows that if the actors do not have balanced power positions, the collaboration is scarce and shallow. Furthermore, when one actor has power and dominates the other actor, the predominant actor does not have incentives for collaboration. If the actors have balanced power positions or their power positions are close to each other, they have a good basis for collaboration.