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Paper info: Network strategising trajectories within a planned strategy process


Network strategising trajectories within a planned strategy process


Debbie Harrison
Norwegian School of Management
Debbie Harrison and
Frans Prenkert
Orebro University
Frans Prenkert

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.


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It is well established in an IMP context that no business is an island (Håkansson and Snehota 1989).  This paper discusses findings about how a team of strategists in a firm considers existing network connections within a strategy process for selecting a new strategy.  The case company, Nortura, operates with a monopoly position that probably will be radically changed by a World Trade Association agreement.  The case study underpinning the findings is based on qualitative data collected between June and December 2007, the seven-month time period of the strategising activity.  The Actors-Resources-Activities (ARA) model is used as a tool to analyse how network connections are considered within each strategising phase by the different strategists that participate in the process.  The paper highlights three overlapping network strategising trajectories within the process and discusses how teams of strategists handle network connections through the use of tools before proposing three types of network strategising.