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Paper info: How Performance Metrics Shape Markets


How Performance Metrics Shape Markets


Frank Azimont and
Luis Araujo
University of Manchester
United Kingdom
Luis Araujo

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.



This paper examines how the use of performance indicators are intertwined with the definition of managerial responsibilities and accountability mechanisms within a fuel retailing company. Following the introduction of category management in the focal company, the range of performance indicators in use is transformed with important consequence for both supplier relationships and the outline of product-markets. Our study shows performance indicators as plastic and reconfigurable intermediaries, shaping visions of the business and the markets in which it operates. In short, apparently mundane performance indicators prove to be devices with significant impact on the company's representations of the markets, opening discussions on strategic matters which affect the outline and structure of markets.