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Paper info: Evolving global business: Network embedded behaviours of business development


Evolving global business: Network embedded behaviours of business development


Elina Pernu, Tuija Mainela and Vesa Puhakka

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.



This paper examines emergence of international new ventures and their attempts for rapid evolvement of global business activities through examination of three intertwined, network based processes. Specifically we aim to find out how the business of technology-driven international new ventures evolves over the very first years of operation. We build on research of internationalisation strategies of international new ventures, opportunity discovery of entrepreneurs and innovation development in technological firms. The empirical study is a longitudinal single case study on a technology based venture in software business. The primary empirical data consists of several interviews of the entrepreneur and some actors in the networks on which the venture's early evolvement in global markets was based. As an end result of the paper we illustrate the three processes of opportunity discovery, technology development and the development of the firm in international markets as the cornerstones of evolving global business of a software firm. Moreover, we show the intertwinedness of these processes and define the main behavioural drivers of the business development.