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Paper info: Different reasons why dissatisfied customers stay with their supplier


Different reasons why dissatisfied customers stay with their supplier


Cecile Bozzo

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The paper was published at the 24th IMP-conference in Uppsala, Sweden in 2008.


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Long-term stability of a customer-supplier relationship depends on varied factors which are in the centre of many researches. The majority of these researches concentrate, however, on the cases where everything is going well between the two parts. But the difficulties, the problems and more widely the sources of dissatisfaction for the industrial customer, are also a part of the reality of these relations. The objective of this research is, then, to focus on these long-term relationships on the occasion of which a problem occurs. Two reactions are then possible: some customers change their supplier and some others stay with the same supplier. We will focus on this second category of customers: those who stay whereas they are dissatisfied. The question is then the following: why do dissatisfied customers continue a long-term relationship with their supplier? A literature review enabled us to highlight three kinds of reasons which make a customer remain with his supplier in spite of a dissatisfaction: positive reasons, negative reasons and bad reasons. A qualitative study provided a first empirical validation of our three categories.