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The Art of Relationships


Catherine Sutton-Brady
University of Sydney
Catherine Sutton-Brady and
Nicole Stegemann
University of Western Sydney
Nicole Stegemann

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The paper was published at the 21st IMP-conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2005.


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The Australian Arts industry is a vibrant and dynamic sector of the economy. It encompasses bothvisual and performing arts. This paper is part of a wider study into marketing communications,branding and relationships in this industry. It is unique in that it reports the findings of a researchstudy into relationships in the Australian Arts industry.The study is a qualitative study, focussing on a number of visual arts organisations in Sydney,Australia, selected to provide a varied cross-section of organisations. In carrying out this research,data from various sources was utilised. The prime source of data was personal interviews with keymarketing personnel from the art galleries and performing arts organisations. Additional data wasgathered through examination of annual reports, Subscription Brochures, Programmes and thewebsite of the companies, as well as information from reports and websites from relevant Governmentorganisations.The results presented in this paper consist of a summary of the case studies conducted, whichhighlight the importance and complexity of relationships in this industry especially in relation tobuilding brand equity. Issues addressed include motivation, loyalty and image, cooperation as well aspower and dependency, additionally information was obtained on evaluation of the relationshipsdiscussed. This paper, as a result of these findings, makes an interesting contribution to theory in thatit shows the importance of relationships in helping these organisation increase brand equity whileallowing them to remain competitive in a challenging industry.