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Paper info: The product as a resource for the retailer


The product as a resource for the retailer


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The paper was published at the 21st IMP-conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2005.


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Within the industrial network perspective, it has been argued that resources are not only entities thatfirms attempt to control and access, but that it is also a relative concept. That is, different tangible orintangible, material or symbolic elements can be considered resources when use can be made ofthem. The value of a resource is thus related to its utilization, which can differ depending on thecombinations or contexts in which the focal resource is used. When resources are in this senseconsidered heterogeneous, it means that resources need to be evaluated in different constellationsand combinations; as embedded and not as given elements.This paper explores the embeddedness of a focal product and the heterogeneity in product value thatthis gives rise to. The paper focuses on interfaces between the focal product and other resourceitems in the retail context and seeks to answer the question in which ways retailers can make use ofthe heterogeneity of the product and utilise it as a resource. The empirical material in the paper ispart of a larger case study and includes also findings from mystery shopping observations.