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Paper info: A case study of success factors in outsourcing partnershipformation and management


A case study of success factors in outsourcing partnershipformation and management


Marianne Kinnula
University of Oulu
Marianne Kinnula and Sari Juntunen

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The paper was published at the 21st IMP-conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2005.


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Different kinds of collaboration modes between companies are becoming a mainstream practice.One of such modes is an outsourcing partnership where one company transfers part of itsbusiness to another company and after that the companies continue collaboration in a partnershipmode. This research focuses on such kind of relationships and factors that affect the successfuloutcome of the said relationships. Understanding the success factors is crucial for getting thebest out of the collaboration and for avoiding the possible difficulties.The relationship success factors found in the literature are presented and discussed. Typical tothe previous research is that the success factors are usually seen from only one company point ofview in a mature relationship. In this study we present results from an outsourcing partnershipcase where the relationship success factors were collected from both parties of the relationship,although the results are presented from the customer company viewpoint. The resulting factorsare divided in two: the ones concerning the formation phase of the relationship and the onesconcerning the mature relationship.The relationship success factors found in this study support the findings from previous researchof relationships and also bring forth some new ideas of what kind of factors are needed to takeinto account in an outsourcing partnership.Keywords: outsourcing, partnering, outsourcing partnership, success