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Paper info: Interconnectedness and Interdependency: Strategic Networks' Perspective


Interconnectedness and Interdependency: Strategic Networks' Perspective


Arla Juntunen
Helsinki School of Economics
Arla Juntunen and
Maria Elo
Åbo Akademi
Maria Elo

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 20th IMP-conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004.


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This conceptual article focuses on strategic networks and more specifically the interconnectedness andinterdependency between the actors. Strategic networks are seen to offer firms shared benefits like newknowledge, innovations, and resources besides those of a single firm. The purpose of the paper is to examine thedifferent forms of connectedness and interdependencies as a mechanism and a channel of influence and discusstheir strategic managerial implications on an organisation. We aim to contribute to the development of theemerging theory of network management by integrating notions from the Industrial Network Approach, StrategicManagement, and the Resource Based View.