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Paper info: Orchestrating Actors in a Business Network: A Focal Actor's Perspective


Orchestrating Actors in a Business Network: A Focal Actor's Perspective


Arla Juntunen
Helsinki School of Economics
Arla Juntunen

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The paper was published at the 20th IMP-conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004.


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Orchestrating other organizations within a business network is essential when trying torespond to challenges of fast technology development and increasing global competition thatare causes of uncertainty in today's world. In order to increase the sources of knowledge andresources, firms try to use external resources and knowledge of selected partners and thusconcentrate on their own core capabilities and business. The effective coordination andcontrol of their partners? knowledge and capabilities as well as operational efficiency arecritical in the process of creating value together in a network.This paper aims at describing and explaining the orchestration of actors in a businessnetwork evolution from a focal actor's viewpoint. The business network in question is HomeCommerce business network in Elisa (the 2nd largest telecom operator in Finland). The mainfocus when examining of actor-orchestration in a developing and growing business network isto explain and describe the interdependency between the focal actor (Home Commercebusiness, HCB) and other actors creating, developing and manufacturing platform andservices in this business area.