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Paper info: Industrial Marketing And Communications Strategies


Industrial Marketing And Communications Strategies


Nurhan Tosun

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The paper was published at the 19th IMP-conference in Lugano, Switzerland in 2003.


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There is considerable similarity between consumer purchasing and business to business purchasing, although there are differences between communication strategies and activities. For building strong relationships between buyers and suppliers communication should be managed if these necessary relationships are to be maintained and enhanced. Personal communications tools and primarily the sales force who sometimes meet buyers in the company play an important role in industrial marketing communications. Because of this point of purchase(In industrial company)is important for selling products and creating corporate image. It is possible to say that in order for a industrial company to bring themselves up to the required high level of corporate image, atmosphere and organization, public relations and POP (in-company) communications should work interactively. In this paper it has been emphasized that to maintain and enhance relationship between buyers and suppliers , it isn?t sufficient to work only some communication tools.. Corporate public relations and it's associated activities should work alongside point of purchase communications to support it and personal selling and create maximum efficiency in the industrial sector.