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Paper info: Strained Business Relationships: A Conceptual Paper


Strained Business Relationships: A Conceptual Paper


Jari Salo
Aalto University
Jari Salo and
Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi
University of Oulu
Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 19th IMP-conference in Lugano, Switzerland in 2003.


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This study was undertaken to increase the current knowledge of the business relationships where business parties are in increasing amount to be connected to each other by various electronic commerce (EC) technologies. These technologies as well as other information technologies (IT) are tightening business relationships and networks that exist between parties as well as creating barriers to enter these relationships and networks. This paper is conceptual in nature and the main outcome of the study is the model developed for tackling the phenomenon.