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Paper info: Chasing Seloken ZOC - Co-Ordinating Multiple Perspectives In Goods Distribution


Chasing Seloken ZOC - Co-Ordinating Multiple Perspectives In Goods Distribution


Björn Axelsson
Stockholm School of Economics
Björn Axelsson , Christoffer Holmberg and
Hans Kjellberg
Stockholm School of Economics
Hans Kjellberg

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 19th IMP-conference in Lugano, Switzerland in 2003.


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Actors engaged in economic interaction at times display highly diverging views concerning how a situation in which they act is constituted. That is, their definitions of actors, resources and activities differ markedly. Most applications of the ARA-framework, however, are made with the implicit assumption that a stable, outside (or at least agreed upon) perspective exists, from which the particular situation can be analysed. This paper explores the consequences of relaxing such an assumption, i.e. of allowing for diverging situational definitions, when it comes to our understanding of the co-ordination of economic activity.In the paper, which is the first output from a research project on the distribution of pharmaceutical goods in the Nordic countries, we explore some diverging views in terms of activities, actors and resources. Our observations suggest that when using the ARA-model, researchers need to become much more attentive to the multitude of activity-definitions, actor-attributions and resource-characterisations that may exist in concrete business situations. As far as future research is concerned, the observed differences in views pose interesting questions concerning actor-strategies. For instance, how such differences can be overcome by an actor seeking to realise a preferred structure?