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Paper info: Reorganisation of distribution in globalisation of markets


Reorganisation of distribution in globalisation of markets


Lars-Gunnar Mattsson
Stockholm School of Economics
Lars-Gunnar Mattsson

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The paper was published at the 18th IMP-conference in Perth, Australia in 2002.


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Globalisation of markets is a phenomenon that receives much attention and is extensively debated both at general societal/institutional/cultural levels and at market and business levels. In any globalization process, distribution of goods and services between and within local industrial and consumer markets is obviously of crucial importance. Globalisation of markets and reorganization of distribution are mutually dependent processes and involve changes in market structures. Contemporary examplesof this are the emergence of global supply chains, internationalization of wholesale, retail and transportation firms and the development of sales via the internet. These dynamic aspects of distribution imply reorganisation of firms and relationships betweenfirms (including strategic alliances and mergers) involved in distribution activities. This paper will discuss the nature of the interdependence between globalisation of markets and the reorganisation of distribution applying a network view of markets and with reference to cultural dimensions. Some broad issues for further research aimed at understanding globalisation, will be addressed from the network perspective.