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Paper info: Collaborative Planning Processes in e-Markets


Collaborative Planning Processes in e-Markets


Chris Nøkkentved
Copenhagen Business School
Chris Nøkkentved and
Laurids Hedaa
Copenhagen Business School
Laurids Hedaa

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.


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Industrial competition is advancing from being between individual companies, to being betweenclusters of tightly-knit partners. The focus is to deliver to the customer the desired product within afitting time-frame, at the right price. Companies are progressing from the notion of the extended supplychain and supply networks into eSupply networks facilitated by electronic B2B marketplaces, oreMarkets. These support information sharing, transaction execution and collaborative processes in anenvironment of constant change. Employing Collaborative Planning within eMarkets and operating asthough one seamless organisation, synchronised to meet customer demand, such value-addedcommunities can achieve significant cost savings and service enhancements. This article will providean overview of collaborative planning relationships and processes within eMarkets among multipletrading partners. Based on the contemporary business developments transformed by the internet, wewill describe the processes that define inter-organisational collaboration and that take place in bilateraland multilateral relationships between partners. We will expose how eMarkets are deploying supplychain planning applications that bind firms through information-sharing, interdependent transactionsand collaborative processes. Then we describe the collaborative planning processes that may takeplace within an eMarket. Finally, we will present some of the benefits of implementing collaborativeplanning that go beyond the largely descriptive and anecdotal presentation of the advantages ofeBusiness from popular literature and the press.