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Paper info: Determining the Purchase Situation: Cornerstone of Supplier Relationship Management


Determining the Purchase Situation: Cornerstone of Supplier Relationship Management


Evi Hartmann
ebs European Business School, International University
Evi Hartmann , Hans Georg Gemuenden and
Thomas Ritter
Copenhagen Business School
Thomas Ritter

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.



Purchasing has moved to the agenda of senior management reflecting an increasingstrategic attention to benefits that can be gained from management of and cooperationwith suppliers. Modern purchasing approaches reflect this changing emphasis towards theimportance of quality and innovativeness of suppliers as opposed to pure pricenegotiations. However, different approaches are suitable for different purchase situations,i.e. for the specific circumstances the buying firm is in. Detailed evaluation and analysisof the purchase situation are even more crucial to a company's sustainable success sincenew ways of interacting such as electronic marketplaces are developing fast and changingthe way firms work together. In this paper, the authors structure different classificationmodels of purchase situations by identifying the underlying dimensions. Based on theliterature review the authors have grouped the indicators in four dimensions. Then bycombining these dimensions an overall integrated classification model is developed.Finally, suggestions for future research are discussed.