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Paper info: Network Effects Following Multiple Relationship Dissolution


Network Effects Following Multiple Relationship Dissolution


Debbie Harrison
Norwegian School of Management
Debbie Harrison

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The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.


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Current knowledge of business to business relationship dissolution centres upondefinitions of relationship dissolution, models of the dissolution process, antecedentsfor dissolution, and dissolution strategies. In this paper an empirical case example ofthe network effects of multiple, simultaneous business relationship dissolution ispresented. The key idea is to explain the multiple net effects for the disengagedsuppliers, retained suppliers, and the customer. The mid-range change event thatprecipitated this outcome was the planned change by Marks and Spencer of theirsupplier network structure. The relationships between the customer and theirrespective suppliers was long-term, exclusive, and involved heavy investment inplant, machinery, and human assets. The contribution of the paper is to move beyonddyadic and triadic studies of relationship dissolution in assessing wider networkeffects using an empirical case example.