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Paper info: The Internet and Internationalization: Nova Scotia SMEs


The Internet and Internationalization: Nova Scotia SMEs


Kevin Donovan and
Philip Rosson
University of Dalhousie
Philip Rosson

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.


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Internationalization processes in the context of the Interneteconomy are examined. Case study research was conducted with sixNova Scotia SMEs. Findings from this exploratory study include(1) stage-based theories do not reflect company experience, (2)multi-domestic marketing strategies appear dominant, and (3)location and country-of-origin effects persist, in the onlineenvironment. Thus, while the Internet may offer global reach,commerce is still conducted locally. The paper also notes anumber of challenges faced by Internet-based companies as theyexpand their business interests, as well as ideas for futureresearch.