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Paper info: B2B-Marketplaces - Strategic Value for Whom?


B2B-Marketplaces - Strategic Value for Whom?


Anders Johansson and Per-Olof Brehmer

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The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.


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The engagement in business to business (B2B) internet marketplaces is presently an issuefrequently discussed among practitioners and researchers. In this paper we address whichstrategic value the participation in internet marketplaces have on the marketing channel parties.Our study of value creation, adapted to electronic marketplaces from a marketing channelperspective, has resulted in many interesting findings. In an industrial context the name "marketplace"is to some extent misleading. The business relations are still important and there area limited number of them so the marketplace is more of a network place or business place inthis context, created, maintained and managed for the marketing channel.The marketing channel as analytical unit is addressing the interaction between efficiency, effectivenessand networks as sources to value creation and cost reductions. The focus in themajority of the value theory is on costs but the customers value (their goals) is a source thatthe marketplaces have started to focus on. The common focus is presently transaction orientedfor all parties. In the empirical study we see clear patterns for the different actors, buyers,marketplaces and sellers that follow the discussion of generic benefit factors for the demandand supply side in marketing channels. The added value through a wide range of marketingchannel functions is not realised today but the empirical analysis shows it as a prioritisedtopic for future enhancement. For the buyer, one-stop shopping, convenience and reducedtransaction costs are the main value whereas the seller side value the reduced number of contactsand smooth transaction process highest. Since the marketplace have not accumulated allpresent network relations the full network value have not been achieved and the therefore thevalue is on an efficient and smooth transaction process.