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Paper info: Why dissatisfied customers still desire long-term relationships


Why dissatisfied customers still desire long-term relationships


Peter J. Batt
Curtin University of Technology Western Australia
Peter J. Batt

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The paper was published at the 17th IMP-conference in Oslo, Norway in 2001.


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A model of long-term relationships between potato farmers and their seed suppliers in thehighlands of the Northern Philippines reveals that while farmers are generally dissatisfiedwith the nature of their relationship with their most preferred seed supplier, they neverthelessseek to maintain that relationship. The desire to maintain the relationship is derived directlyfrom the seed supplier's offer quality and the various commitments the preferred seedsupplier makes to share the risks of growing potatoes in a highly unpredictable environment.The farmer's dissatisfaction is derived primarily from the seed supplier's inability to delivergood quality seed cost effectively and to adequately reward the farmer for their efforts ingrowing and harvesting the potato crop.