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Paper info: Ending exchange relationships: What do we know about them?


Ending exchange relationships: What do we know about them?


Aino Halinen Kaila and
Jaana Tähtinen
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
Jaana Tähtinen

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The paper was published at the 16th IMP-conference in Bath, U.K in 2000.


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This paper reviews and assesses previous research concerning the ending of exchangerelationships. In recent years, distinguished scholars have emphasised the importance of thistopic and, consequently, it has begun to attract more research interest. We welcome thisdevelopment, and wish to take part in it by providing an analytical overview of the state of thisresearch. The domain of the research review covers studies on switching relationships, on exitinga relationship, and on the dissolution or termination of a relationship. With regard to thesestudies, we will examine five major issues: the focus of research, its disciplinary background,key concepts, methodological approach, and key findings. Avenues for future research aresuggested on the basis of the analysis.