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Paper info: Trust, Commitment and Value-Creation in Inter-Organizational Customer-Supplier Relationships


Trust, Commitment and Value-Creation in Inter-Organizational Customer-Supplier Relationships


Hans Georg Gemünden, Ricky Ryssel and
Thomas Ritter
Copenhagen Business School
Thomas Ritter

Place of Publication

The paper was published at the 16th IMP-conference in Bath, U.K in 2000.


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To strengthen their position in today's highly competitive and fast paced businessenvironment more and more supplier firms engage in relationships with their customers.These inter-organizational relationships have proven to create value for both parties involved.However, the management of such relationships requires resources and is a complex task.Recent advances in information technology offer new ways of managing inter-organizationalrelationships. The impact of those intra-organizational and inter-organizational informationsystems for creating value in business-to-business relationships has not been explored so far.In this paper, a conceptual model about the impact of information system deployment onvalue-creating functions of inter-organizational buyer-seller relationships is developed.Based on an empirical study with 60 German firms engaged in customer-supplierrelationships this paper also gives some empirical evidence for the developed framework. It isargued that with regard to relationship management intra- and inter-organizationalinformation technology deployment has different effects on relationship atmosphere (i.e. trustand commitment) and on the value creation in the relationship.The findings give new insights into the role of information technology for value-creation inbusiness-to-business relationships. Future research questions in this area are also discussed.