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Paper info: Market-Led Strategic Change. New Interactions in the Paper Supply Chain


Market-Led Strategic Change. New Interactions in the Paper Supply Chain


Bo Rundh

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The paper was published at the 16th IMP-conference in Bath, U.K in 2000.


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In the ever changing market environment it is necessary to plan for customers? needs andcontinuously research markets so that what is produced reflects the customer wants. In thebusiness to business marketing situation it is also necessary to build different relationshipsbetween actors in the supply chain. The process of building relationships is a demanding andcomplex task, especially if it is done in an international environment. As a result of greaterinternational competition changes on the marketplace are occurring more rapidly andcompanies need to be able to react to the actual competitive situation.Due to the competitive situation in different market areas the paper industry is under thepressure of a need for improving the profitability by overhauling its purchasing andmarketing activities. This is done in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency and supplychain management has become a new paradigm for the industry. Both mills and suppliershave responded to this paradigm by forging integrated and long-term relationships built oncommunication, commitment and mutual gain.Keyword: Competitive Strategy, Relationships, Supply Chain Management.