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Paper info: Broker-oriented networks: facilitating commercialization for technology ventures


Broker-oriented networks: facilitating commercialization for technology ventures


Fatemeh Salehi and Amir Khorasani

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The paper was published at the 35th IMP-conference in Paris, France in 2019.



This research aims to investigate the role of broker-oriented networks in the successful commercialization of new products in technology ventures. Innovation brokers such as private consultancy firms, government agencies, research institutions and incubators primarily focus on enabling technology ventures to innovate and market their innovations. This study focuses on broker-oriented networks for six UK-based nanotechnology ventures. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with senior managers to examine their collaborative network formation, types of brokers used, and their impact on the commercialization process. Analysing these networks’ value-creation logics revealed that broker-oriented networks are advantageous to commercialization and are particularly useful when technology ventures decide to enter a new market or start a new field of activity. Our findings indicate that private broker companies and government agencies can contribute considerably to the international expansion of technology ventures. Research centres and universities also play an important brokerage role between ventures and large incumbents by supporting them in testing, validation, prototyping as well as providing pilot facilities.