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Paper info: Management of innovations in organisational networks: focus on capabilities


Management of innovations in organisational networks: focus on capabilities


Isabelle Roy, Tom Houghton and
Bella Butler
Curtin University of Technology Western Australia
Bella Butler

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The paper was published at the 35th IMP-conference in Paris, France in 2019.


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The study examines the capabilities of inter- and intra-organisational networks purposely created by a large organisation for managing innovation in its broader organisational ecosystem. The focus is on collaborative capabilities developed and used by the central electricity network actor, the natural monopoly in the Western Australian power market, and their industry partners. This collaboration becomes crucial for driving the efficiencies of core services and identifying the substitute services which challenge the business models of incumbent grid companies demanded by shifting consumer and societal expectations. The context of this study represents tensions between ambitions to innovate, dictated by the market forces on one side, and barriers to innovate posed by the monopolistic nature of the organization on the other side. We intend to identify collaborative capabilities that allow network actors to work around these tensions. The study contributes to the IMP literature on innovation in networks and provides a managerial contribution on overcoming barriers to innovate posed by natural monopolies.