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Paper info: Making sense of value platforms in B2B networks: towards a research agenda


Making sense of value platforms in B2B networks: towards a research agenda


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The paper was published at the 35th IMP-conference in Paris, France in 2019.


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The purpose of this paper is to describe value platforms as an emerging governance model that enables the creation and capture of value in business networks. To do this, we 1) define the value platform concept based on existing literature, 2) discuss the key dimensions that characterize development and application of value platforms and 3) identify key management challenges that value platforms will likely pose for companies as a mechanism for resource integration. We contribute to the emerging research on the application of platforms in the context of business markets. Most of prior research on platforms in the marketing domain has predominantly focused on consumer markets. The study is conceptual in nature and draws on various literature streams, primarily on innovation and technology management, industrial economics and business marketing. These literature streams provide distinct lenses to understand the key governance challenges that firms will likely face when utilizing platforms as resource integration tools in the B2B context. The paper reports work-in-progress and should be considered as the first exploration to an emerging research field.