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IMP Symposium 2016 - Making sense of the interactive business world

Submission of papers

This is following the model developed at IMP Journal seminars. For each paper submitted editorial pre-review will be provided in 30 days after the submission dead-line. When a paper is accepted three reviewers / discussants will be appointed - one from the Symposium advisory board and another two chosen among other contributors to the workshop. The main review of papers prepared for each workshop will be the discussion at the workshops including written reviews.

Outcomes: We expect the papers to be published in special issues of the IMP Journal and other relevant and interested journals, and chosen papers will be included in the Symposium monograph.

Workshop format: We expect up to twenty papers for each of the workshops and thanks to the financial support from Tore Browalds, Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Research Foundation we can provide hotel accommodation and meals.

All submissions to the workshops should be sent to