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The aim of the IMP FORUM SEMINAR is to discuss papers on empirical research and/or related conceptual and methodological issues; concerning exchange, interaction and networks. The papers will be discussed in one general and one special track. The theme of the special track is set by the organizers of each seminar.

The ambition with the seminar is twofold:  

  1. To share ideas among the participants (authors/reviewers). 
  2. To enhance the quality of the review process and thus of the final papers.  

The result will be published in special respectively general issues of THE IMP FORUM in JBIM.

Important principles of the IMP FORUM SEMINARS:

  • It is the paper that is in focus and the key issue is how to develop the quality of the paper. During a session of 45 minutes dedicated to each paper the author(s) will get comments from experienced IMP researchers and concrete suggestions for how to develop the paper. 
  • The first reviewer has a central role for each session. The first reviewer starts the session; presents the paper and the review. The second reviewer continues before the floor is opened for the author and the other participants. Hence, the author does not present the paper. 
  • Every participant (author) will be reviewer on at least one paper and there are two reviewers to each paper. 

WE WELCOME YOU AT THE IMP FORUM SEMINAR in Uppsala 7-8 February 2019

The special track of the Uppsala seminar takes its starting point in public-private interaction. A specific focus is directed to the health care sector – but also other public areas, such as construction, infrastructure, higher education and research, are of interest. We encourage abstracts/papers touching upon a contemporary societal trend: an increasing amount of public-private collaborations, initiated by politicians/policy based on the expectation that the latter setting is characterised by an ‘autonomous, independent market’ like interaction pattern. (For a more detailed description, see the call for papers).

In particular, we call for papers researching public-private interaction in relation to the following issues:

  • Innovation in public-private interaction 
  • Health care in public-private interaction 
  • Policy/political influence and expectations on public-private interaction. 

Time table for paper production:

  • Provide abstract (maximum two pages) of a paper for the general or specific track by November 15, 2018. Abstracts will be reviewed by the editors within one week. 
  • Submit full version by January 15, 2019. 
  • Following the seminar all authors will be asked to revise the paper according to the discussions with the reviewers and the editors and according to additional peer-reviews. Thereafter, the paper should be uploaded to IMP Forum/JBIM Emerald. 

Time table for the seminar:

  • The seminar starts at 12.00 on Thursday 7th February and will be concluded at 12.00 Friday 8th February 
  • There is no fee for the seminar, which includes two lunches and a dinner. However, participants have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. 
  • In order to take part in the Seminar, please send the abstract to the following e-mail address: