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The IMP Group annually hosts two types of conferences with an interactive view on the business landscape as a common denominator. The IMP Conference, which was organised for the first time in Manchester 1984, is now the largest in the world dealing specifically with marketing, purchasing and technological development in a business-to-business context. The style of the IMP conference is always informal. It is structured to maximise the amount and level of discussion and interaction among researchers at all stages of their career, the conference urges participants to present their findings in a challenging but supportive atmosphere. Authors are invited to present results from research at any stage of development. Since early 2000 the IMP Conference has been combined with a Doctorial Consortium, which aims to bring together young and established IMP researchers for knowledge exchange.

The IMP Journal Seminar has been organised annually since 2004 and focuses on theoretical and methodological consideration of network studies aimed to be published in the IMP Journal.

Upcoming conferences

Sep 4th 2018 - Marseille, France. Visit website »

Previous conferences

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2017 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2016 - Poznan, Poland
2015 - Kolding, Denmark
2014 - Bordeaux, France
2013 - Atlanta, Georgia
2012 - Rome, Italy
2011 - Glasgow, Scotland
2010 - Budapest, Hungary
2009 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 - Marseille, France
2007 - Phuket, Thailand
2008 - Uppsala, Sweden
2007 - Manchester, UK
2006 - Milan, Italy
2005 - Phuket, Thailand
2005 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
2004 - Copenhagen, Denmark
2003 - Lugano, Switzerland
2002 - Perth, Australia
2002 - Dijon, France
2001 - Oslo, Norway
2000 - Bath, U.K
1999 - Dublin, Ireland