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Book info: Use of Science and Technology in Business Exploring the Impact of Using Activity for Systems, Organizations, and People

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Editors: Håkan Håkansson, Alexandra Waluszewski, Frans Prenkert, Enrico Baraldi
Publisher: Emarald
ISBN: 9781848554740


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This book comprises a variety of examples of the use of science and technology in business, ranging from early computer use in the U.S. insurance industry to the present use of information technology in the Swedish furniture industry; from the classic UK fish and chip shop's use of white fish to Heathrow's Terminal 5-project; from new fishing net fibers to the cooling of chocolate at Cadbury's; from the development of new mobile wireless services to the creation of a genetic database on Iceland. The book shows the multifaceted and interactive character of the relationship between science and technology on the one hand, and business and innovation on the other. It explores this non-linear relationship through a selection of case studies and discusses its implications for science as well as for business. The economy of the use of sciences and technology, as well as the science and technology of economy, is given equal focus.