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Book info: Business-to-Business Marketing

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Authors: Philippe Malaval, Christophe Bénaroya
Publisher: De Boeck
ISBN: 978-2-8041-8267-0


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“Business to Business Marketing” is the reference handbook
for years in the French speaking countries. It encompasses
the diverse BtoB contexts and combines the most
recent academic research to the best business practices.
Hence it is an operational guide to better adapt the marketing
techniques and tools to professional targets. Written
by experts, Business to Business Marketing provides all the
steps of the Marketing Approach in an exhaustive and operational
• The “surveys marketing” (market watch, innovation management,
• The “strategy marketing” (positioning, marketing plan and
strategic matrices)
• The “operational marketing” dealing with the elaboration
of the offering (innovative product/service, pricing, sales
management),and its valorization (communication, lobbying,
Moreover this book is enhancing the increasing role played
by the final user in the BtoB value chain. Beside the direct
customer organization, three other target types are to be
taken into account:
• The employees of the customer organization – B to B to
Employee (BtoBtoE)
• The consumers of the customer organization – B to B to
Consumer (BtoBtoC)
• The users of the customer organization (energy, transportation
utilities, administration…) – B to Administration to
User (BtoAtoU).
In the business context, customers and diverse stakeholders
as well might be targeted, especially in project marketing
environment, and complex selling processes, both
in terms of relational and transactional activities. Additionally,
the recent trends in e-communication are developed,
including the use of Internet and Social Medias.
Pedagogically oriented, the book is user-friendly, based on
numerous examples and business cases, from different sectors
and companies (IT, telecom, building industry, aeronautics,
catering, car equipment, consultancy, etc.). It
presents a lot of visual illustrations. Each chapter encompasses
questions and a dedicated business case, delivering
an efficient and attractive handbook.