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Book info: Understanding Business Marketing and Purchasing

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Authors: David Ford
ISBN: 1861527691


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Business marketing and business markets have been neglected by writers on marketing and marketing strategy. Perhaps it is because they lack the glamour of superficial excitement of consumer marketing and advertising. Business marketing has subsisted on ideas that have been borrowed from consumer marketing and these have restricted our understanding of what really happens in the area. Understanding Business Markets highlights the interaction between active business buyers and sellers and sheds light on the network of relationships that make up business markets. This collection of articles covers all aspects of business and marketing in an international context and features contributions by the leading authorities on Business and Relationship Marketing. The third edition provides a comprehensive coverage of new ideas on business marketing and purchasing for both academics and students. It has been radically revised, with an expanded introduction explaining the nature of business relationships and networks. Around one third of the articles in the five sections of the book have been changed to incorporate the best of recent writing as well as a number of "classic" influential articles. Newly included articles include, Hakansson and Ford, 'How should companies interact?', Gadde and Snehota, 'Making the most of suppliers' and 'Naude and Buttle, Assessing Relationship Quality'. Understanding Business Markets is essential reading for academics, students and researchers. The third edition of the most popular alternative to Business Marketing texts. Compiled by and for the most influential group of Industrial Marketing academics, the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP).