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Book info: Rethinking Marketing: Developing a New Understanding of Markets

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Authors: Håkan Håkansson, Debbie Harrison, Alexandra Waluszewski
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0-470-02147-0


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This book is the result of a seminar in Spring 2003 that brought together senior marketing Professors from both Europe and the US. The seminar is part of project funded for 4 - 5 years to discuss the future of marketing. Three basic issues are addressed: How should we look at the market and its different forms, given the existence of dynamics? How should we look upon the exchange between market players given the existence of relationships and other close cooperative efforts? What kind of scientific approaches can we use when studying markets and market players? Following a comprehensive discussion of these issues the book concludes by reexamining existing theories in light of these new ideas, challenging existing ways of thinking and looking towards a new future for marketing.