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Book info: Developing Relationships in Business Networks

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Editors: Håkan Håkansson, Ivan Snehota
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0-415-11570-1


This book is out of print and with the permission from the authors we are able to offer it free for download in PDF format. Please notice that this version is based on OCR(Optical Character Reading) and may contain som errors not present in the printed book
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Because of the loss of the original manuscript, a scanned version with performed OCR is unfortunetly all we can provide.


This book is the first to apply the network approach to the analysis of business relationships in a global context. Drawing on a wide variety of international case. studies, a `network approach' is developed, giving rise to far-reaching theoretical and practical managerial insights and a different way of conceptualizing companies within markets. New angles emerge on traditional problems of business management, with some novel implications which will challenge established ways of analysing business markets. Building on previous research in the area, this thought-provoking work will be of great interest to researchers and students in industrial marketing, business strategy and purchasing, as well as to marketing specialists and consultants.