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Book info: Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Tools

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Authors: Francis Buttle
Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0 7506 5502 X


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Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Tools book was written to meet a perceived need in the CRM literature. Most CRM books are either produced by, or represent the interests of, software vendors or CRM consultants. This book, however, sets out to be an impartial, academically independent analysis and review of the theory and practice of CRM. It is written as a textbook, not a sales pitch or a sermon! It is positioned to enable any interested party - student, practitioner, critic or Professor - to study the subject and develop a better understanding and appreciation of CRM. The book is aimed at MBA and Masters students, and upper level undergraduates studying CRM or advanced customer-related courses.